Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fear of White

I'm worked from home yesterday - I like to work from home occasionally but would not want to do it all the time. I enjoy being around people and I am so blessed that I work with people that I truly enjoy. Mr. Man has a doctor appt and needed a driver. I am fortunate that I have a job that allows me this luxury. The only bad part about working from home is that the sun shining in the house reveals the dirt that I somehow do not see at night or when I get home from work. HAH

The outfit above is one of my favorites - I really like the white capris but I must say that I do not really wear them often. I am a messy girl and it is living dangerously to wear them but every now and then I get a wild streak......I know some women who never wear white pants for that fear of getting them extremely dirty. I do not like to wear alot of color on the bottom  - I tend to stick to neutrals. Do you have  fear of whites or vibrant colors on the bottom?

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