Thursday, August 16, 2012

Believe in Yourself

This outfit is one of my favorites but I must admit that when wearing it I did not know that my mid-section was so see-through mmmmmmm I love the soft yellow and this skirt makes me feel pretty because it flows around my legs. Something about the swish around your legs that is comforting almost like when I was a little girl and twirling around in a new dress.

Speaking of little girl Stacey, I was thinking about the Olympics and how fit those women were and  the thought occurred to me today on my long commute home about my beliefs in myself as a child compared to now as an adult. Bear with me, as I tie it all together.....

The Olympic competitions brought back memories of elementary P.E., we were always competing and I was one of the top competitors (okay it WAS grade school) but it NEVER occurred to me in any of the competitions that I would lose or that my competitor was better than me or that I wasn't good enough.

I mean don't get me wrong I did lose from time to time but not because I had already lost in mind before I began. I remember doomg chin-ups and the goal was to hold it as long as you could. There was always two of us competing at the same time and I would hold on, body shaking, but never thinking of letting go before my opponent, never looking at the other person thinking I can never do this and they are going to beat me and embarrass me and everyone will know I failed. Even if I did lose, I walked away with a sense of pride as it wasn't my day <shrug shoulders> No big deal. What happened to that mindset?


UpperCase Living has the below inspiration that is very fitting to the way I plan to change my mindset. I grew up hearing that I could do whatever I set my head to and  I honestly just can't remember when I stopped setting my head. I also never compared myself to other girls when I was younger. I was confident in who I was and really didn't think about my looks at all. Not sure, when I decided that my boobs were too small, my butt and hips too large, and don't get me started on my nose. When DID those beliefs creep in? Do you know what I'm talking about it? As women, we need to start believing in ourselves again, find that little version of ourselves before all the pains and slurs and underhanded comments planted those seeds of doubt that bloomed to monsters that undermind our achievements and hinder our growth.

 I also found this one below on Pinterest that amused me :) If you can relate to any of these thoughts - join me and prod me along in this new journey of finding the belief in myself and the courage to let my little girl beliefs become a reality.

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