Monday, August 27, 2012

Still Holding On

The weekend was uneventful for me. I did manage to go the Greenway and ran one minute and walked two minutes for the 5.2 miles on Sat and Sunday I went to the Greenway but my knee was really hurting so I walked the first mile to warm it up then did my run and walkig intervals except I didn't run down or uphill :) I saw two fawns on Sunday they were beautiful.

Saturday picked up some barbeque my friend Susie's husband made. I love his barbeque but I especially love the sauce. I made a hashbrown casserole and was going to get to some wind therapy but the rain messed that up. I did make Mr Man some homemade banana pudding and my meringue turned out pretty good.

My flowers are still blooming and my moon and morning glory vine is finally taking off on one side. I had one of each bloom on Saturday.

Sunday was an interesting service and it seems that rumors were true and that was shocking to me but I do not judge or hold any anomysitoy as we are human and only God is perfect. It is sad though and my heart breaks for all those involved. I will continue to pray for guidance as it did not feel the same to me. I am still holding onto to summer and enjoying the hummingbirds pictured below :) Have a great week!!

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