Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday - Bring It

Weekend was very peaceful and Tennessee weather is cooling down - the recent rains have brought upon some late bloomers - we were beginning to think the sunflowers would never appear - and ta-dah there they are:

 My rose bush also has some late blooms:

 My daughter, Kristine, and I went to Ross's on Friday for lunch for some retail therapy and I found the neatest wind chime - it's like rustic cast iron - I was thrilled. Mr Man hung it next to my swing in the back yard on the tree - but it hasn't been chiming so I may have to relocate - you likey?
 Saturday I got up early and went to the Greenway and the cool morning made it awesome to be out there walking - I prayed while I walked and saw some of the most amazing beauty and animals. First, I saw an Otter, I have never seen one in real life - wow they have a tail like a dog - long. Then, a hummingbird was flying along beside me looking at me - I also saw a bunch of buzzards perched on the power lines - okay that wasn't so pretty but neat nonetheless. I was telling my grandma about it and made the comment, "Of course, I left my camera at home." She replied, "Didn't you have your cellphone?" <Slapping forehead> Of course I had my Apple i-phone equipped with a camera in my pocket the entire walk. LOL

Sunday turned out to be BEST ever. I had learned Saturday night that my depression eating caused me to gain 4 lbs so I decided a second day of walking 5.2 miles on the Greenway was in order. Another gorgeous cool morning AND it wasn't crowded. So for whatever reason, I decided that I now want to become a runner. So I told myself - that  I would use the markers on the Greenway - it's marked every .25 (1 mi., 1.25 mi, 1.5 mi. 1.75 mi, 2 mi). I would run .25 miles, then walk the next .25 miles... I didn't make it the .25 but I would run as far as I could ( I think I might have made it half way) then I would walk and at each marker I would take off running again. I felt sooo good afterward. I came home, showered, put a pot roast in a slow oven, and went to church (Mr Man was there sleeping).

Below is said pot roast - FAB!!

The Pastor delivered a  sermon that was exactly what I needed, it seemed as if God was embracing me all day Sunday and telling me what I needed to do. I think I am ready for Monday - Bring It :)

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