Monday, August 20, 2012

Putting my Foot Down

Had another great weekend and managed to run again this weekend. Forced myself to run 1 minute and walked 3 minutes did that Sat for 5.2 miles and was pressed for time on Sunday so I did the "easy" side of 4 miles. Saturday I felt FAB it was harder to run on Sunday, my body felt tired and the one minutes seemed to never end quickly enough. My knee is still complaining along with my shins, big babies; however, they are just going to have put their big girl pants on cuz we ARE doing this until the last 20 - 30 lbs come off. Putting foot down <gently cuz it hurts>

I thawed out some of my homemade spaghetti sauce and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong that it is watery so watery, any suggestion?  I made some chicken parmigiana for tomorrow night, Mr Man will just have to make the noodles tomorrow and the garlic bread. I LOVE bread!!

It's funny that these pics are some older ones that I have not posted and I'm back to these very clothes (in line in my closet). It is a good thing I have these older pics as last week I had a hard time getting up in time to be able to take my pic before I left. One of the my new friends in my bible study asked me to write a column for their monthly newsletter. I think I will. Wish me luck.

Below I have used my favorite scarf as a belt and last Friday, I wore this polo with different capris (I have just about retired the ones below too big) and used the scarf in my hair. Scarfs really are versatile and I really like using them as belts.

Have a great week!!!

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