Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vest Experiment

This is one of my favorite scarves that I put without of things that I just do not what to do with. This vest is something that I have not quite put an outfit together that I just loved. This one is okay I tried mixing the patterns and probably will repeat the look but not "loving it" :)  What do you do for vest outfits?

I am really sore from my running endeavor yesterday, in places I would never have thought one would use when running. My back is sore between my shoulder blades (I"m thinking that is from swinging my arms when I ran) and my abs are sore. <Shrug shoulders> who knew but I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I still went and did weight training on upper body today at lunch. I have now really decided to do this - I want my old body back and I'm slowly starting to get my confidence back and becoming "me" again. A new and improved version, blogging and reading the blogs I follow contribute to this journey greatly.

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