Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warning - Depressing Post

As I have gotten older, losing people and death are more prominent in my life and I want to taka  few minutes to honor a couple of people that I personally knew and mourn:

I learned the other day that a man that worked with me for years and then I lost track of him was murdered last Saturday by two young men in a club because of a bumping. SMH http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/Family-Members-React-To-Early-Morning-Murder-167449965.html

He was a good man and very sweet and leaves behind two small children. His wife is still a client and I sent her an e-mail sending my condolences.

My father, pictured below, died when I was ten. Accidently shot himself. I have always wondered how life would have been if he had lived - I must tell you this man is the only one that I thought truly loved me but he was not without flaw - my parents divorced when I was two and I remember some times that he was scheduled to pick me up that he failed to show. I was stubborn and refused to give up on him each time, sitting on the porch with my suitcase.......

My grandfather played the part of my father when he died, my grandfather died when I was 36. Pictured below in his prime :)

Life is too short - sometimes people are taken away because of other people's actions, some by their own mistakes, and some stay with us a little longer. The moral is the same...Life is too short so treat people well as you may never get the chance to say I'm sorry or I love you.

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