Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair and Boots

I wear my capris all year round. I love pairing them with boots and I usually like the pants outside the boot, I only have one pair of capris that I will put inside the boot. I am so enjoying my time off from work - just resting and not worrying about anything. I have a hair appt early this morning to cover the gray.

I like the following hairstyles in my search for 2013 curly styles:
 Don't want to wear my hair that dark but like bangs and it's long - I want to try to wear my hair longer

The below was inspiration last time I got my hair cut - I really like

I love the one below but my hair will NEVER do this - I do not want to spend alot of time on my hair either :)

Casual Friday below - my capris with boots - I am not much of a t-shirt in public and seeing this pic reminds me why - prob need to put this with my sleep nightshirts

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