Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wish List

This sparkly little number is from JcPenney's. I really love these colors!! I am struggling this new year to get back to my good habits. It's amazing to me how quickly you can revert to your old habits. It has also been difficult to get back in the swing of working 40 hours straight - oh my, the alarm clock just keeps going off ....

The weather today is going to be 70, in January, WOW!! It is gonna be rainy, so it seems we are going to have a rainy and gloomy winter :( I haven't been able to afford the tanning bed so I am sooooo missing some sunshine!! I think that and the weather contributes greatly to my mood and depression; however, wearing cute outfits is always uplifting :) I don't have any must have pieces this winter, as a matter of fact, I haven't even thinking about buying new clothes. I think I need to focus on getting my body to the desired weight and fitness level and then clothes. Are there any items on your wish list for winter?

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