Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have found since I began blogging and reading blogs, that I no longer hold myself to the strict rules I once had. For instance, the bottom layer is from the summer closet and I put it with clothing from the winter closet <GASP> oh wait..... the world did not come to an end :) The blues looks pretty good together, if I don't say so myself <TOOT TOOT> Half way there to finish this first full work week of the year. Man, it's funny how quickly one can get accustomed to staying home; however, I honestly do not think I would enjoy it full time. I like to dress up for work, see people, and most of all make a living. We are at least getting some sunshine and warmer weather in Tn. Do you have self-imposed rules?

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  1. The outfit is terrific. The blues look great on you. And I now believe that rules just don't exist in fashion any more.