Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cloud 9..8.7..6...5

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me but I left work on Cloud 9. I experienced a few triumphs at work and poof - magic mood... Funny how an incident can either bring you to cloud 9 and then another incident can bring you on the decline, cloud 8, then cloud 7.. all the way to cloud 1 or below. I know that life can't be perfect and that our tribulations teach us patience and all that good stuff.. BUT... it doesn't mean that I agree with this concept. I think that concept should just apply to 39 and under.. I think that now that I'm in my 40's I  should just experience nothing but butterflies and sunshine - no crows, no raining on parade. <shrug shoulders> Life According to Stacey :)

So I'm trying to be creative and mix and match my clothing, I prefer the one below with the blue skirt...I had not idea how see through it is either.not going to stop me from wearing it...

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