Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casual Style

This was taken before Christmas - Mr Man brought in my tree as requested and it sat there for a few weeks before I even put the tree up. I was just not in the spirit this past Christmas - I'm sure it had alot to do with finances but there is a light at the end of the tunnel - named W2 :) I love the color of the blouse below and the pants are some I have not been able to wear until this 2012 - hope it remains so in 2013 or if they  must NOT fit this year - make them too big :) I like to wear my blouses out as I just don't think they look that good tucked in. What is your preference? Have I gotten too casual with my style? I like to pair t-shirts under my suits and sweaters but I rarely wear tennis shoes unless working out. Casual is a broad description, searching on pinterest for "casual trends" brings forth a wide variety of the clothing. What do you consider to be casual style?

Yesterday was a cold and icy day. Working from home this morning to let the roads clear up, I still have to make the trek to Nashville as I have class tonight but I will go in after the roads have had some traffic and cleared up the ice for the most part. I keep getting on my elliptical around 8 or 8:30 and it winds me up but that seems to be the only time I can fit it in because I want to be sure to get my school work completed first and I am DETERMINED to lose 30 lbs before summer. We shall see....

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