Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daylight Savings Energy

I love, love this blouse that I scored at Ross's many, many years ago. The colors are so me and the length feels slimming and flattering, which makes it all that more appealing to me. Those pants I got at Cato and I do NOT feel slim and flattering in them but this blouse is long enough to cover the zone I believe to be  an opportunity for improvement. My friend, Cindy, pointed out to me that I do, in fact, have discipline and will power that I demonstrated during Lent regarding Facebook. So, then why, have I not been able to keep my resolve to lose this extra weight? I am beginning to think that I do not really believe that I need to lose weight. I am pretty content with my current clothes and I do not feel hideous when I view my pictures. Soooo, while I may not look hideous, I am going to channel that will power and strengthen my resolve to lose this extra weight. I mean 30 -40 lbs is all I'm asking to lose....

Something else I have noticed lately is that my house is staying alot cleaner. For instance, now after dinner I clean the dishes up immediately; however, in the winter time I would let them sit until right before I went to bed. I seem have more energy with Daylight Savings. During the winter, I really just wanted to come home and go to bed and the nights seem to go so quickly. Now, I seem to have extra time to get more done - it's the same amount of time. Of course, there is one other factor, I'm not in school, so perhaps, I am just now rested up without having to spend so much time on school work and then that long night on Tuesday's.

How about you? Do you notice a change in your energy when the time changes and the days are longer?


  1. WHAT A marvelous top - I love the optical illusion...and it matches the trousers perfectly and for the record I think you want to loose too much weight :)