Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, while I worked...GRRRR I started a new work out regime and it kicked my butt at the gym today, I think alternating monthly the work outs my personal trainer has given me over the years is going to be the trick to get me out of my plateau.  I am not sure I am going to meet my goal for June at this rate :( My walking buddies and I also went walking yesterday. I loved it. I am working from home today as Mr Man has a dr appt and needs the truck. I sure hope we settle soon and I get enough money to get a new-to-me car. The outfit below is a size 12 - <HUGE GRIN> Still a little snug around the thighs but at the same time felt slimming. I wore this for a client luncheon and it is one my best outfits. The necklace I just purchased at Target for $4, I love this necklace, just a touch of elegance. Do you have outfits that make you feel slim?

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