Monday, April 15, 2013

Too Matchy

This scarf was way too matchy for this blouse. I thought it would look good together but after wearing it all day and seeing the picture, I should have put something with a little more pop of color. I do like those pants with it though. Had a pretty good weekend - Friday was a long day, after work helped my son with his camper and he now has lights and water :) My truck is loaded down with supplies to deliver to him this evening. He is a tad bit spoiled and sometimes a little ungrateful. My bother and his spouse came to visit and I really enjoyed having them. Mr Man made some lobster tails and we grilled some steaks and I made homemade banana pudding, which is almost gone - I think Mr Man liked it. The weather this weekend was gorgeous - still no baby. Jaxen is hanging in there to my daughter's disappointment. Saturday night Mr Man found a ferret in our backyard. He is going to call around to see about where to put him. The little thing has bit me twice not hard but still - me no likey :)

How was your weekend? Hope you have a great week :)

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