Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Position

So Baby Jaxen has dropped and is in position for birth, she is dilated 3 - doctor told her that it would be very surprising if she makes until May for birth. My daughter is both excited and nervous. I am getting excited as well. The weather was gorgeous again yesterday and I was able to get in a walk at work. I am still sore from my work out on Monday - I must have really done a good job :) Today's weather is going to be rainy and cool :(

I really like this blouse below - It is one of those outfits that makes you feel pretty. The colors are FAB and I have paired it with several things. My favorite is the pleated skirt but these black knit pants look pretty with it as well. We are almost to the weekend. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful - hoping to get on the Greenway :)

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