Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Weekend

I am glad it's Friday, payday too :) AND the weather is calling for a beautiful weekend. I am hoping to get out on the Greenway Saturday and maybe do some fun reading outside in the sun, that sounds so heavenly to me. No grand baby yet but my daughter is VERY ready :) Nothing else really planned but opening windows and enjoying some rest I am hoping. Back to my financial rut - my cushion money is gone :( Have to figure out how to get it back and keep it. I wish this auto accident was settled already - you would not believe how unresponsive they are to me but they known Mr Man for years and he has no problem getting a return call, that irritates me to no end. I am still doing pretty good with my moods on the B6; however, I am really analyzing my relationship with Mr Man. I am starting to think that there are some things and people from the past that I cannot get over. Have you ever just decided one day that you could no longer have a relationship with someone that you never thought you could EVER think that way? I feel like I am going crazy. I'll just let the sun and God sort it out for me. Anything planned this weekend?

I really love the pairing of this blouse and the wool capris. I think they complimented one another perfectly.

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