Monday, April 29, 2013

Perfect Matchey Matchey

This is the shrug that I got for my Easter outfit and it matches this Walmart blouse PERFECTLY - I really loved the way this outfit turned out paired with the Ross Calvin Klein skirt that I ADORE. Today my daughter is checking in the hospital for her induction and little Baby Jaxen should be here. I had an okay weekend. Never left the house on Saturday - rain, rain, and more rain. Sunday I went to church and watched a wonderful play then came home to the devil. Not sure what Mr. Man's problem was but he threw my shampoo away because he is tired of not having space as I have all four corners taken up with my products. This has been my system for 7 years and not once during that time has he EVER stated he would like it any differently. So just to throw my new shampoo bottles in the trash - I find that disrespectful and it sent me the message that I was unimportant. He then informed me what he did was not all that bad and that somewhere down the line I had thrown things away of his - I am just totally confused by his behavior. I am also extremely MAD about this. I retrieved my shampoo bottles from the trash and now have all of my products in the linen closet and will take out to use and return when finished. You know, all he would have had to have done was said he wanted space - I would have gladly moved - but in 7 years - not a peep - I mean not ONE peep or complaint. Anyone ever dealt with something similar? I am extremely baffled -
Hoping your week goes well. Today will be a better day.

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