Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Showers Bring.....

May Flowers :) and man have we had plenty of rain, in between the rain storms we got a sunshine reprieve and so I took my walk and snapped some pictures along the way of some things/flowers that caught my eye:

Love the green rolling hills and that house is soo cute

Close to the end of my street - I really like how she did this

This picture doesn't do them justice

this is starting to bloom - is just reminds me of Hope - with a glimpse of what is to be

more rolling green - soothing to me

This is beside the cottage below

I love this cottage and imagine how cool it must be to sit out on the deck and overlook those rolling hills

This my hilly, hurt my buttocks road :)

I am so proud of how this is looking this year at my house
This is coming up my sidewalk

yellow roses are blooming

PURTTY - I love yellow

looks like it has potential

cute little baby

I haven't been able to wear this dress in FOREVER
I really like the heel on these shoes
All of these sites (ha ha too much time on the web) sights that I share with you uplift my spirit!!! I really love Spring/Summer. What are your favorite seasons? What uplifts your spirits these days? Have a great day!!

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