Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Plan

Went to the orthodontist today to see about the gap between my teeth that I created, grinding my teeth in my sleep. Well, he says that I need braces, he not only wants to correct that gap but also says I have an overbite he wants to correct. I'm thinking to myself, "At my age?" Now, growing up I NEVER went to the dentist and our family only took us to the Dr if something was broken or we were near death. I was 27 the first time I went to a dentist, once I got this God send job I have now that had good benefits as well as a career. <shaking head> I'm not sure if my vanity knows how to take all of this......

So I have a new plan - my friend Jamie at work has Invisalign and I am going to check into that - my vanity has stopped panicking for now - whew!!!

Vanity, now that's interesting subject. Sally did a blog recently on Vanity and as always I really enjoyed her piece. You can click on her name to read what she had to say. She wrote, "Truly vain people are irritating and tiresome, but most of the damage they do is to themselves. And I’m inclined to believe that a little public vanity by some strong women might help those of us who struggle to merely ACCEPT ourselves feel a little bolder."

I know I am vain but it is hard to put into words HOW I am vain. I am always trying to better myself and my appearance. I hate the wrinkles and signs of aging that mirror whispers and points out to me so subtle. I do not like ridicule or any type of "being made fun of". I used to spend time with a group that made alot of "jokes" about my appearance or somehow I seemed to always be the "butt" of their jokes. There were times that it just plain got on my nerves and made me wonder if they were really "joking" or just being mean. When I questioned the motives out loud, I was told I was being petty or sensitive. I never figured it out but instead came up with

A new plan....I try to avoid those kinds of relationships now and try to surround myself with positive people doing constructive and positive things.

My philosophy on this is that as I have gotten  older I have finally figured out that if things or situations are not quite what I want or do not make me happy, I just need to change my plans and move in another direction. If people in my life make me feel less than good about myself then I need a new plan and direction to surround  myself with people who do make me feel good. That doesn't mean the people I was with were bad people, just because they didn't make me feel good, doesn't mean they won't make someone else feel good.

Some plans take longer to implement and the results may not be immediate but I definitely keep telling myself that new plans are needed and keep moving forward. I am still implementing the plan above but I am much happier and experiencing so many new things now that I have branched out. Have you had to implement a new plan lately? Do you agree or disagree with my philosophy?

So instead of letting the new damp cold weather that has invited itself to Tn I have a new plan - if the sun won't come to me on the outside, here are some things that make me feel "sunny" inside:

View outside my bathroom window
I open my window every morning regardless of the weather
when I am getting ready for work
LOVE the view right now

Went outside to get better a pic
Love those trees

Heathen coming to see what I'm doing outside in the cold rain
He said to come back inside

I had been really loving how some bathrooms had the containers with towels
So I found this planter at a yard sale with the wrought iron that I LOVE
I decided to use it as a wash cloth holder cuz you could use wash cloths to dry your hand
I change out the colors of the wash cloths on season/holiday

Had to show you both my pics and the inspiration for my wall color

Another wrought iron that I found at a yard sale
 Found these MUST haves on Pioneer Woman

A Chalkboard placemat - how cool is that?

This Blender is soooo PRETTY

LOVE this birdnest necklace
I have a thing for birds :)

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