Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today was the perfect weather for walking. Walking is something that I really enjoy. I have found that as I have gotten older I seem to appreciate nature alot more. I really love birds and trees. My new director got the coolest tattoo on the back of her neck it looks like a stone with the tree of life inside. I was talking to Kimetra, who is a very talented artist about a tattoo design I would like - somehow to incorporate a hummingbird and a tree together. So she said she could draw me a flowered tree branch with a hummingbird in flight. Man, that sounds way cool. When she gets in drawn I will be sure to share with  you. I currently have 4 tattoos, one of which I totally HATE. If I would have had the extra cash I would have had it removed that is how much I hate it. All of my tattoos are in locations that I can hide - there is still a slight stigma about women and tattoos here in Tn although it has become more prevalent. My grandmother thinks it's the most horrible thing for a woman to have a tattoo. She advised me that I was defacing my body and that God would not be pleased. I just smiled and gave her my best "Bless your old heart" look :)  They have never been able to do anything  with me LOL; I always LOVED the bad boys in my youth. I prefer clean cut now but bad boys still make me analyze them. That being said, I tend to label a woman with a full sleeve tattoo prob much like my older generation. I know tsk tsk on me, Progress not Perfection :)

I would like to get my next hummingbird/tree tattoo on my foot coming up around my ankles. There are a couple of women that have tattoos around their feet at work that I admire. There is something about seeing the contrast of the tattoo paired with heels and a fab ensemble that totally intrigues me. I MUST mimic. Do you have any tattoos? What are your thoughts about tattoos and women?

My pictures aren't great tonight, I did not know my photographer would not be home so I had to improvise.

Suit - yardsale
Blouse - JcPenny
Shoes - Monroe & Main

Without jacket

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