Friday, April 8, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Whew!!! Another week down and the weather for this weekend is supposed to be super nice, almost downright hot - LOVE IT. I still have not gotten my Easter outfit but I have found something I really like and just may get it from JcPenny's: I have some shoes that could go with this. I couldn't get the blouse to save but you can see it tucked in - this is Liz Claiborne. What do you think?

 Kristine had a pair of those wedge heel sandals on today - I didn't get a pic of them because she had to leave early with an eye infection - hopefully she will be all healed up for this wonderful weather this weekend. She said she got them at Marshalls and I think she said they were less then $20. I need to start shopping there - more in my budget range. I may run there tomorrow just to take a peek. :)

I really like those pastel shoes but I am worried about the heel being too high and the possible danger of me hurting myself.....badly...... Don't have any big plans this weekend, just creating a Capital Budget Structure for Procter and Gamble for my finance homework. I am thrilled....okay I'm lying...I think it sucks.

I am excited that today I have a guest appearance, Kelley sent me this chic white and black outfit - she totally rocks this

I really like the contrast of the black under the white
very CHIC

This shoes are soo cool
I am loving how green everything is getting

Heathen is intently watching Mr Man haha
Have a great weekend!!! Let me know what you are doing this weekend :)

1 comment:

  1. I say go for the skirt, its gorgeus.
    As for the shoes, I would go for flowered heels.
    Loving all your green surroundings.