Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better with Age

It is Sick Man's birthday, poor thing. I took the day off and have a feeling we will be celebrating in the ER. I think that is horrible, remember this is the woman who celebrates the 7 days of MY birthday :) Well, Happy Birthday anyways my love, wish I could make him feel better. I suppose when you reach our age, he will be 46 and I am 40, birthdays are just a sign of aging. I was talking with my friend Kristine awhile back and it occurred to me there ARE some good things about aging.

1) I don't care!!! The little things don't stress you out. For instance, in my 20's if Mr Man didn't want to go somewhere with me or do something with me I would be devasted and would have forsaken what I wanted to do for what HE wanted to do. Now, I shrug and go do what I wanted and have a wonderful time.

2). In my 20's I felt I needed to have company in order to have a good time. Now, I can do alone and sometimes prefer it.

3) I take pleasure in the little things. I seem to be more appreciative of things like nature and finding the good in the situation. Nothing makes me happier than sitting in my swing and listening and watching the birds in a freshly mowed yard.

Another example:
A co-worker was saying she had just gotten back from vacation and it rained the whole time but she found things to do and ended up having a great time. I pointed out to her that at the age of 20 - the rain would have been the end of the vacation - the vacation would have sucked.

4) I have turned into Susie Homemaker. I have been experimenting with recipes and decorating and even my interest in fashion is a result of my maturing. My children say they wish I had done the cooking when they were growing up. At 20, I once tried to bake cookies for my son's daycare class - they turned out hard little frisbies - DANGEROUS little suckers :) I knew better than to try to bake for my daughter's functions - Kroger's Bakery and I  were best friends. Now, I am an accomplished baker LOL

5) That reminds me that I would now also be a better parent than I was in my 20's. I get it now. Sorry kiddies - remember you didn't come with manuals, not that I would have had the patience to read it anyways :)

Don't get me wrong, if God came to me today and offered to make me 20 again in my 20 year old body - my vanity would no doubt kick in and I would go back :P

This is one of my favorite spring outfits
Blouse and skirt - CATOs
shoes - Shoe Dept
Are there some things that have happened to you as you have aged that you like better?

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