Friday, April 15, 2011


TGIF!!! The weather today was gorgeous, I had to take half sick day and work from home today. Pitiful, ain't I? :P Had to go see a periodontist - seems the braces will most definitely need to wait - I need to have gum surgery. Shaking Head. But I must brag a little, I put on my capris from last summer that were a little snug and they are really really loose. Of course, these are still the same size and not sure if I'm quite ready to step down to a smaller size but it is nice to see that I am in fact making progress. This weekend is the River & Spires festival - I must admit that I have never attended any of hometown festivities and I can't really offer an explanation as to why. The past few years I didn't want to go by myself, Mr. Man has had NO interest. But this year he has agreed to go, I will let you know if he actually goes or if it was one of those humoring moments hoping I will become distracted and forget all about it. (I do that ALOT) LOL. Although, rain is moving in for our Friday and it's going to only get up to 60 degrees on Sat :( That does not sound like festival worthy weather. Someone is not communicating and coordinating well with Mother Nature.

This is also my last weekend of Finance Hell. Start Information Management next Tuesday, hopefully I will get to have some sort of life during this class. (whining and pouting)  I also MUST get to Ross to get me some of those wedge heel sandals. I must have them, I must, I tell ya!!!
My top 5 MUSTS, I guess these are really WANTS, at this moment are:
1) acquire wedge heel sandals
2) acquire lemon balm plants for my back swing
3) find some wall art for my bedroom
4) replace the spider plants I killed in my living room
5) get a new tattoo (hummingbird/branch) and get the hated one covered up
( the cover up I want is the peace frog with little round glasses sitting on his nose, doesn't that sound cool)

Heathen trying to get me to play
He is loving this weather not too hot not too cold

He loves my diet coke bottles
He "steals" them from me every chance he gets

Ready, set, GOOOOO

I don't know what kind of plant this
First time coming up in my garden

Love the smell of freshly cut grass

I'm bragging
Hope the extra skin doesn't offend - Not trying to be sexy
FINALLY can see some results

Heathen is the big baby that I love dearly :)

Me messing with Mr Man

Tomato plants - Hurry up!!!
Whatcha doing this weekend? Do you have any must haves right now? Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Yes Stacey BRAG!!!
    AND THEN give those capris away !!!!
    Get rid of them so you never go back to that weight :)