Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Crisis

Blouse - gift from Paula
Capris - JcPenny
Boots - Jessica London

Heathen is a camera hog ;)

In honor of me pursuing my Real Estate License
Kristine found these pins that belonged to her mother and thought
they would be perfect for me - they are cool!!!
While I am happy that the scale was starting to move, I have noticed a pattern. When I am working out 7 million times a week, I eat what I want. When I watch what I eat and follow the WeightWatchers plan like you are supposed to, not with "Stacey modifications" I don't excercise. I mean I do have alot on my plate between work and school and trying to have some sort of play life. As I have mentioned before, these online classes are sucking up huge amounts of my time, so I'm not working out as much. Tonight would have been a good night to work out - I decided to "rest" instead. It seems my "rest" was surfing the web clothes shopping and putting things in carts that I know I cannot afford. Something about putting them in the cart and saving the cart is satisfying to me. Whatever floats my boat, uh? :)

I was soooo ticked off, got on my scale and it said I had GAINED 2 lbs, unbelievable!!! GRRRRR I know you should not weigh yourself daily but I can't help myself. As a matter of fact, I bet I haved 4 times tonight, hoping for new numbers. Soooo I guess I just need to figure out my priorities. Do I want to be at my ideal weight THIS July or 20 years from now (roll eyes)? What  I really want is to wake up after eating all my favorite foods and have the body I had before I turned 30, is that too much to ask? <SIGH> I know, I know, I'm whining. I feel like I'm having a weight crisis and have the  urge to eat a million icecream sandwiches and popcorn and anything else I can get my little hands on but....... I won't waste my points (imagine my pouty face :o) I need to focus and figure out how I am going to fit in excercising. I was going to the gym every day on my lunch - I need to start doing that again. I have been walking at work when the weather is pretty and I need to make time in the evenings to work out, maybe add it to my nightly routine BEFORE I do school work. I know that it's all a matter of forming habits - how come bad habits are easier to form?

Do you struggle with fitting in excerise in your life? How do you fit it in, what motivates you? What suggestions do you have for incorporating more excerise in daily routines?
BTW the 2 lbs were gone this morning :)



  1. Yes, they are making Water for Elephants into a movie, but I want to read it first. : ) I'm nerdy like that. I'm not the best person for weight loss advice, but I'm a health nut and love working out. I don't work out to lose weight, but simply to be healthy and because I've always been active in sports in my life. When my life got crazy busy, I missed my work outs, so I had to prioritize. I currently get up at 5 or 5:30 am to work out because if I don't do it before work, I never will. It's hard, but I try to do it 4-5 times a week. HOWEVER, that being said, when summer hits I do things that make me happy instead. I hike on weekends, I take long walks at night with my dogs (LOVE your dog btw). I suggest trying to do things that are enjoyable at first, and then you'll get hooked on it. ; ) Good job for sticking with weight watchers btw! That's amazing! xo

  2. Your post made me smile. I often gain a couple of pounds that disappear the next day. It's all very mysterious.

    I have exercise equipment at home, which is the best investment I ever made. Also, I don't buy the cheapest thing I can find. I spend some money because if I'm not comfortable on it, I won't use it.

    The other thing I do, is give myself incentives. I allow myself the guilty pleasure of a soap opera that I record every day, but the only time I allow myself to watch it is from the treadmill.

    Good luck!