Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Smile for MonsterCakes

MonsterCakes is taking a little pause so maybe she will visit and find some smiles. This week my smiles were formed from:
I chuckle posting these pics :)
My SockMonkey smile at me as I work
such a thoughtful and much appreciated gift from Kristine

My co-worker who for much needed comic relief during our stressful time - gallops on his horsey around our cubicles. This thing makes a galloping noise and NAHHS - I had tears rolling down my face - AHHH WONDERFUL STRESS RELIEVER
 Our first snow of the year in TN, Jan 12, 2012 cute uh? but not matter what age it still excites me to see snow fall

Finally, My Ross Finds:
Hope you have many smiles this week :)


  1. Thank you sweet friend. This was so sweet of you. And that sock monkey definitely did make me smile! I am obsessed with those monkeys. Now if only I had some children to give them to!

  2. Oh! I bought those tiny clay pots and am trying to grow chives and other greens in them. No results so far !
    Good luck with yours :)