Friday, January 13, 2012

Jump Out at Me

I am pleased how this outfit turned out, that skirt has really been a good find. I wish I could find some slacks like it reasonably priced - I paid less than $20 for the skirt at Ross.  Kristine and I have a Ross/sushi run planned for Jan 27 - fingers crossed I find some goodies. Ross is also where I got my planter that was supposed to have been a Christmas gift but fell in love with it - so I kept it. I know that is terrible.....but I sure do love it and the person it was intended for might not of liked it anyways LOL The outfit above the jacket I have had forever, part of my "skinny clothes" it has a matching skirt - not quite small enough to wear yet but I can get it over the thighs and zipped - just not very pretty, not yet anyways. I also really like blue and brown together - of course brown is a huge staple in my wardrobe :) (Just in case you had not noticed) I would like to tell you that I am great at finding treasures at thrift stores and even at Ross, but I would be misleading you greatly. I am not a shopper that likes to dig - I walk the aisle and wait for something to jump out at me or sometimes Kristine finds me really stuff :) What kind of shopper are you? How do you find your treasures? Have a great weekend and may nothing bad happen to you on this Friday the 13th muaahhhhhh


  1. Oh I pick my own treasures.... sometimes too many of them.
    I am certain that next time you encounter anything houndstooth at a store you'l lthink of mE !

  2. I will have to buy me a piece or two if I see them :)