Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three Unrelated Fears

I really like this color combo, a very comfy outfit. These last pics are from the last week in December, we had casual week. I don't mind having casual week or day every now and then but I must confess that I prefer to dress up for work. I love putting on different outfits, in my 20's and early 30's I loved wearing dresses and suits. I stopped wearing dresses and skirts when I put on so much weight, and I am slowly getting back to wearing skirts. I am still more comfortable wearing a skirt with tall boots but perhaps a few more pounds lost and I might wear some more......:) I forgot my pain pills at home Monday so it was not the most pleasant day for me, not the worst, but I was definitely under the weather. Took a pain pill as soon as I got home and felt soooo much better. My pain pills are non-narcotic, I have a huge fear of becoming dependent on pills and stay clear of them as best as I can. I did purchase a Sonic Air toothbrush and I have been enjoying it. I have shied away from them because at some point in my life I recall it feeling like it was going to rattle my teeth out of my head.

So I have shared 3 things that freak me out:
1) Fear of drug dependency
2) Too heavy for skirts and dresses
3) Afraid the electric tooth brush will shake my teeth out

An eclectic group, uh? Do you have some strange fears like me? Have a great day!!

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