Monday, January 16, 2012

I WON!!!

Cord jacket - Ross
Blouse - Aunt Cathy
Pants - Catos - these are the brown version of the blue pants like my skirt that I want
 I love this cord jacket, Kristine found this for me at Ross. I won my first EVER E-bay auction, I haven't been back after my scarves were rudely stolen from me for 50 cents <not bitter> LOL. I won the coolest brooch, I got the idea of a brooch from Kristine as she has been buying them like crazy but I couldn't figure out why she liked them so much - I equated them with old ladies - then I saw one that she added to a scarf ---DING DING _ DUH!! So I was thinking I have that purple duster-sweater and the leather strings broke but I don't like to wear it open so this brooch will be perfect "buttoning" it together - I usually wear yellow under it so this will really pop - I can't wait to wear it!! Sure hope Kristine doesn't feel like that chic in Single White Female LOL

My Ross run this week was a success - I found a really cool serving bowl with birds - I love the birds - I will share with you on Wednesday - I got 2 little "mini greenhouses" to grow some herbs and flowers and I got a really cool dress. There was another dress I was torn between so I am hoping it will be there on my next run. Sunday was a blah day, I felt just a tad bit depressed, all I really wanted to do was watch TV mindlessly. I don't really watch a whole lot of TV so that was kinda weird. I get my stitches out this am so that makes me happy. I am sooo loving my Sonic Air too. Happy Monday!! Did you score some cool things this weekend? Have a great week!!

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  1. Oh I remember when i won my first bid on EBAY - it was like winning the lottery but you had to pay !
    Idid not score anything this weekend as I am in shopping rehab - 16 days clean !