Thursday, January 5, 2012

Morning Routines


As part of goal to remove negativity in my life, I start each day with a Diet Coke and reading the Daily Guideposts. I try to start my day in a positive manner and hope that it carries me through the day. I discovered it by accident and then became hooked. I start looking for the next years book around November at Sam's Club. Some people begin with coffee and the newspaper. Some people start the day with exercise. I am not a morning exercise kind of girl, except maybe in the summer on Sat to walk on the Greenway. Today will be my Friday - as I'm off work on the real Friday as I am having gum surgery and wisdom teeth extraction on the right side of my mouth. Not my idea of a day's going to be a gorgeous day so I am hoping to get my walk in on the Greenway before my gum surgery, just in case I don't feel like it on Sat and they are calling for rain.

What are your morning routines? Do you do any spiritual reading?

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  1. Stacy you're gonna kill me but -
    I think that to begin your day sans negativity - you've got to remove the Diet Coke and maybe go with something healthier ?
    AND I hope your surgery goes well, I had mine removed a few years back and it's not fun, but it's not THAT bad.