Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rare Sighting

Rare is me wearing sneakers in public, now don't get me wrong, I wear sneakers to go the Greenway and to work out but I rarely throw them on with jeans. I actually went to work wearing this....mmmmmm oh well, it was comfy. My fellow blogger Lorena did a post not too long ago about tennis shoes and how she doesn't wear them often either; however, the ones that she had on were really cool looking and added a funky flair to the outfit. This above........not so much :) but at the same time I don't like to get into ruts that I HAVE to dress up ALL the time. That does not mean I believe that it is appropriate to wear my jammies grocery shopping. It does seem though that the younger generation does like to go shopping in their jammies, I am sure it's all about comfort but I can't help but also think LAZY. Am I turning into one those "old" people I used to talk about and misunderstanding my generation? Of course, I see nothing wrong with the holy jeans, leg warmers, and big hair that we sported at all :) That also reminds me of a post I did on "dressing your age" I suppose if I want to look younger I could start wearing my jammies........ Is there something that you rarely wear?

PS Happy Birthday Granddaddy RIP the 70's below


  1. Your dog looks SO comfortable in the back!
    And I guess its ok to wear sneakers once in a while... the good part is that you are aware. Aware that they are not an everyday wear and that you are just wearing them to get something specific done and also helps give your feet a rest and get out of a routine!

    1. HA!! He is - he thinks it belongs to him :)