Monday, January 23, 2012

Tapping Me on the Shoulder

This is one my "skinny dresses" I am pleased how well it serves as a vest/duster thingy :) These cord I bought six years ago from Chadwicks and have only recently been able to wear them - I think I thought they were charcoal - which means gray to me but they are like an "off black" and the length is kinda strange too - they hit me right above the ankle - (ha, the ultimate high waters) LOL Other than those minor complaints I like them and have incorporated them in my pant rotation. The weekend was kinda blah - was extremely depressed on Sat (Mother Nature) and then was a little better on Sunday, but serious and focused. Got the means planned and cooked for the week, have rotisserie chicken and hash brown casserole for one night, and took some of the spaghetti sauce out of the freezer that  I made over the summer with tomatoes from my garden and have spaghetti and baked some breaded and cheesed chicken breasts to have Chicken Parmesan with the sauce as well. The theme this week is tomato sauce :) I am hoping this summer's garden produces a little more - I want to try to grow string beans this year. So income tax refund time is almost here - wanting on my school 1098 and I am in home improvement mode; I want to dry wall the kitchen, replace two windows in the "dining" area with patio doors, cork flooring in the kitchen, foyer, and laundry room, new interior doors with nickel latch knobs, build a "counter/bar" in my kitchen, new lighting in kitchen and laundry, put cabinets and organization things in laundry room. But I think I better pay off bills and start building a savings account, especially since Mr Man isn't working right now. I really hate when responsible thinking taps me on the shoulder pointing out that needs are more important wants <pouting> [ the money is not here yet LOL]

What did you do over the weekend? Have a great week!!

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