Monday, February 4, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Happy Monday, I think ;) So I'm back to work today and back to my routines. I am more resolved than ever to lose my weight - despite what I consumed last night watching the Super Bowl :) This week is going to an interesting week of trying to get caught up and juggling half-day meetings at our National Sales Meeting. It will be fun to meet remote co-workers that I talk to only via e-mail and phone. Last night was an awesome junk food festival - chili nachos, wings, jalapeno poppers, and potato skins - I did work out on the elliptical before hand :) Praying I survive this week and that you enjoy yours :)

ohhh, I did not get the painting done in the spare bedroom but.... Mr Man and I tore it down yesterday and Mr Man has said he would do the painting this week...YAHHH!! Where do all those dust dinosaurs come from under the bed and all the crap?! GEEZ :)

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