Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I must admit that I put more value on my birthday than I do Valentines Day :) Mr Man and I are going to go to the movies and dinner Saturday night. I think we will go check out the Hansel and Gretal movie. I'm not as excited about dinner as Mr Man only likes to go three to four restaurants - Chinese being his one and only pick each time; however, he will also go to O'Charleys, Rafferty's, Chili's, and he will go to Red Lobster but complains about it after we leave.

So for Lent I have decided to give up Facebook - sounds easy right? Well....not for me - one day into it and I keep catching myself trying to log on - it was a habit - maybe even an addiction? I am also going to give up sweets - this will be harder. I am planning on having a baby shower for my daughter at work on March 22 - cake will be there. mmmmmm I also have a serious resolve about removing these last 30 lbs from my body. After all, if I want to get married in June (should the money appear) I don't wanna be a frumpy bride JK
My plans for my absence from Facebook is to evaluate those people on friend list that I do not really think are my friends and removing them. We shall see. Yesterday was an amazing day, Shelley's dad owed some back child support, only because he was too lazy to go to court and do the proper paperwork to stop it, and it appeared in my account. I call him to let him know that I have something that belongs to him and he told me to give to my daughter - I was like WOW, he said with her new apartment and baby on the way she could use it. She was thrilled and it made my heart swell in happiness for her. Have you witnessed some niceness lately that made your heart swell?

I absolutely love the scarf/bandit look :) I was quite pleased with this ensemble. Red sweater: yard sale
Blouse - grandmother capris: Chadwicks boots: Kohls scarf: Grandmother

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  1. I stopped trying to go to restaurants for Valentine's day year ago. It was an ordeal, a mess, everywhere was crowded, service was awful....
    School is going well, thanks for asking :) I can't wait for this semester to be over...