Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Smile....

I smile at the joy my daughter is getting from setting up little Jaxen's nursery. She ordered this blanket from Disney - isn't it adorable?

I smile at the great time and how blessed I am to have met these wonderful ladies, I call friends

Girls Night Out - Dinner and Ballet

This is Mae going over the menu - our waiter was really nice and patient :)

This Cindy and Mae

 I drank 3 of these - it was called Fate and it was YUMMY

Susie ordered the Bacon Ninja for her appetizer - she shared and it was heaven

I ordered the lobster taco for my appetizer - YUMMY

Another picture of the Ninja Bacon 

 This is Kristine's  seaweed salad YUCKY to me but she enjoyed it, I somehow did not get her picture :(

Statia eating her Godzilla sushi

 I got the Goat cheese salad - num num

Godzilla sushi before it's demise :)

Rita tasting sushi for the first time - when I tell you I LOVE this lady - she is such a hoot and joy to be around

Their version of steak that both Rita and Kristine ordered - Rita was like where's the potato and we all agreed the our respective spouses would not appreciate this as much as we did

And Below:
This is the sushi I got two of (oink oink) it was called the Bomb and oh my it was the bomb of deliciousness

Since this week of smiles has been about my tummy and my daughter's tummy  -

This was the meal I prepared on Sunday. I got this recipe from Kraft

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