Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Week Smiles....

Since I am a summertime girl at heart - I am VERY pleased that Phil predicted an early Spring :)

This is soo very true. I am an expert at hiding my head in the sand for things I do not want to be, even though my heart and stomach are all tied up in knots - the head can't fool them

This was very fitting to where I was when it was time for my vacation... I smile because I am rested up and was glad to be back at work surrounded by my work family that I love dearly

I smile because this was absolutely heavenly - I had been craving it and it really hit the spot. I did pay for it the next day but it was all worth it :)

I loved the commercials in the Super Bowl, I loved the Budweiser Clydesdale, Jeep, and Dodge commericals gave me chill bumps. The commerical that had be cackling and still cackling is the Dorito Goat.....That was hilarious!! What was your favorite? Hope you have a having a great week :)

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