Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Smile...

This week's smiles consist of food, dogs, and the idea of getting to walk again all the time outside :)

I made this Sunday for our week's eating - pork chop and potato bake - This is a tasty and easy dish to make. I modified it a little to go with Weight Watchers - I used olive oil instead vegetable oil and if you really wanted to make it more healthy - use lowfat milk, lowfat sour cream, and low fat cheddar cheese. This is also a hit with Mr. Man

This mutt, Gizmo, is too funny. He brings a laugh a minute and he is still vocal and this picture also reminds that I need some new kitchen rugs - I have these picked out I had originally found it at but not there now so I found them again at This website is FAB!!

Heathen is not as amused with Gizmo as I am - he pouts alot these days but you can't help but chuckle at the big baby :)

I like this alot :)

This is last year's walking but I can't wait to get going strong again - I smile at the idea of being in the sun, laughing with my girls

I smile at the clean, newly painted guest room or as Shelley calls it my  "shoe closet" - The color has not given me the customary wow factor but I think it's because my bedroom is a darker gray so I'm used to it - so I'm hoping when I switch the house to spring it will be different - but it's clean - only thing under the bed is what I want to be under there for storage.

I hope this week brings you many things to smile about :)

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