Friday, February 8, 2013

Not Feeling It

<Scrunch nose> Okay, I'm not really feeling the below outfit. I have it in my head I can wear all kinds of different colors with this. So far, I have only like brown and pink - I am not feeling the blue at all. I am not liking the way it look bunched up either. I would call this little experiment - back to the drawing board worthy. I wore this ALL day too HAHA :) You know looking at this picture - I'm thinking I should have put on navy  pants - I think that would have made it look much better. What do you think?

On another note, yesterday's weather was gorgeous. I was able to walk outside at work and I loved it. I have soo missed it and I am still keeping my fingers crossed the weather will be "outside walking" worthy on Saturday so I can hit the Greenway :) Tonight Mr Man and I are going to see Shinedown in concert. I am looking forward to it. My daughter and son-in-law are moving into their new apartment this weekend and my daughter is excited about having a nursery. I am excited for her as well because I never had a nursery, both of my children had to share with me when they were babies. I am so excited for her, her theme is the Lion King and she has been shopping, shopping.

Anything exciting going on for you? Have a great weekend ;)

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