Monday, February 18, 2013

Brooch Hit

Wow, another weekend has breezed by. I must say it was at least a very sunny weekend - cold, but sunny. I love the way the sun shines into my picture window in the living room in the mornings. I like to sit in my rocker and let it hit my face - as I was sitting there doing my required reading for school  yesterday morning - it dawned on me that I only have two more weekends of doing homework. T-W-O more!! I cannot find the right adjective to describe how quickly I want these to go by. My Friday night with my beloved friends was absolutely fantastic - pictures to come on my Wednesday smile. The show was astounding and the meal - Oh My I was a little piggy and enjoyed every morsel, my wallet cannot say the same but thanks to my children I got it covered :).

Saturday night, Mr Man and I went to see Hansel and Gretal, great movie, and then we went to Rafferty's for dinner. The worst meal in my life, I will be taking a break from going there in the near future. I just watched TV all day Saturday - Sunday - I slept on and off during the day and then made a creamy broccoli stuffed chicken for dinner. This pic will also be on Wednesday, I found the recipe on Kraft  a few years ago and Mr Man and I both really like it. I like that the ingredients are what I usually have on hand and it's pretty easy to make.

I really like the outfit below, I think that brooch really sets if off and those cords look pretty good with it. Hoping that you have wonderful week and would love to hear about your weekend :)

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  1. Oh... i want to fast forward too ! I have so much stuff to read and do for school.
    Just let me know if you find the fastforward button!