Thursday, February 21, 2013


Kristine and I were talking yesterday about her late grandmother and she said she had a picture of grandmother in her youth, martini glass in one hand, cigarette in the other, and wearing her cat eye glasses (all fashionable for her time) and it hit me. That was her signature. Everyone needs a signature and it got me to thinking what  IS my signature? My friend Kristine said when she thought of me she thought of hummingbirds and chocolate mint tea. I could definitely see that. I asked my daughter and she said yellow birds. I can see that one too.

I admire my friend Kristine for many reasons and I am going to share with you one example. Kristine had an elderly lady in her neighborhood that got Meals on Wheels but they did not provide meals on the weekends. Kristine is an excellent cook so when she cooked on the weekends, she and her children would always take Ms. Vickie a plate, every weekend, for many years. I thought that was the coolest thing when I found about it. I found about it causally, Kristine didn't  brag about it or do it for recognition. She just did it because...

Recently, Ms Vickie became ill and was told her time was near, so she asked Kristine to re-paint a picture frame for a picture that she wanted displayed at her funeral. Kristine did an excellent job on it - it was beautiful. Ms Vickie passed away and I know Kristine is at a loss and even still thinks of what to buy for her weekend meals. That is the kind of signature that I think is wonderful and Kristine taught her children the art of giving of oneself and time.

I am going to ponder my signature for awhile and try to remember that we are on not on this earth forever. I want to be remembered for good things - I'll just need to look for opportunities to do good. What about you? What is your signature?

On a lighter wonderful brooch.....again......


  1. When I think of you I think of your wonderful friendly smile.

  2. Thank you Judy :) you just made my day and I have a smile while I type this!!