Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adding Character

I found this blouse at a yard sale prob 3 years ago to wear for Christmas and I keep losing the decorations on it. Is it bad that I continue to wear it with missing embellishments, I mean, doesn't it add character? I love the material - feels like a comfortable, smooth, night gown. Of course, I put them with my beloved red ballet shoes that I found a thrift store. You know, that was the only time I ever went to that thrift store. I must admit that lately most of shopping is done online. I am still searching for the perfect Easter dress, Kristine and I are going to hit up Marshall's today for lunch - keeping fingers crossed. If not, one day next week I'll hit Ross's - which happens to be in the same parking lot of the new place I found to tan. It was a real bummer when the gym stopped offering tanning services and I have been doing without and turning into a pasty white girl - me not likey :)

We are almost to the weekend. How has your week been so far?

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