Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Smiles with MonsterCakes

Flowers showing their last bit of beauty at the end -  the hanging flowers on the porch died like they do each year - except this year they came back full and actually bloomed again - that has NEVER happened

 One little rose trying to bloom - yellow is one my favorite colors
Look how full and green - WOW

Hanging in there - still has the bird nest in there :)

One little Holy Hock among the dead - pretty

My second favorite color - orange - bedroom switched for fall :)

Bathroom fall shower curtain - I think it looks like bubbles

Brown for fall

Fall dishes on the table - before Mr Man clutters the table with all his paperwork GRRR

Heathen watching Mr Man cook - waiting for his dinner :)

Hope you find many smiles this week to share with me :)


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