Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Smiles

Following one my bloggers MonsterCakes today I will post what has made me smile this week:

My lonely little Moon Flower that for some reason wasn't as full this year, but this pretty little bloom does not care and shows it's smiling face.

 My neighbors dog who has adopted us and is always happy to see me, she is almost annoying but I can't help but smile at her sweet little face

 Mr Man washed my car and I get to drive to work tomorrow in clean car - hopefully the birds won't make a deposit before I leave in the morning
 My beloved Heathen always makes me smile - this was his entertainment while I growled at the Titans on  Sunday - is that not the sweetest little thing?

 I smiled because of new beginnings and young love - I barely remember LOL
 I smile at feeling like a million bucks with new hair, dress, and shoes. HUGE SMILE
Your turn. What made you smile this week?

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