Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Meltdown - Alarming :)

Last Spring
I'm in to my "repeat clothes" so the weather needs to hurry up and change. I will be changing the house over to fall this weekend. Got home from work last night and thing after thing went wrong and to my surprise I did not have a melt down. Oh my, am I developing patience? MMMMMM So get home, no water, it's my laundry night and if you have not gathered it yet, I am a VERY routine kinda girl. I do laundry Wednesday night (ever since I was 10) and Sunday. So I move on, then I go to print my reading for school and the borrowed dinosaur PC does not want to cooperate, then the batteries on the mouse die but I still have not exploded.... SCARY Is this another of those weird aging things? Mr Man told me tonight that he could see that my arms were starting to get some definition....WOW a compliment - Mr Man does not give those very often - he just isn't the "fluff" kinda guy and staying true to form he followed it up with suggestions that would lead to 20 lbs weight loss in 30 days HAHA So glad the weekend is almost here and the rain seems to have gone as well. Looking forward to my "hills" this weekend. Looking forward to anything?

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