Monday, September 19, 2011

Accomplished Hills

The weekend was pretty good this go around although I must admit looking for the next one to arrive :) Saturday went for my walk to discover at almost .5 miles the "easy" trail was closed for construction. I decided to go walk the "hard-hilly side" and attempt to walk an additional 5.2 miles. The "hilly-hard side" was beautiful and I must admit that the 3 hills almost got the best of me but I made it. On the way back I did not think I was going to make it up the last hill and my brain was actually suggesting to me to crawl up it. I'm like WHAT?! to myself, "Whatever, I AM GOING TO DO THIS" So I'm bent over and walking like I have really, really, really tight skirt around my legs but I finally made it to the top. I had the best sense of accomplishment when I finished walking on Saturday. Guess which trail I'm walking next weekend? :) Spent the rest of Saturday taking my daughter to walk-in clinic for her stomach virus and note for missing work, I barely got any school work completed. Got up early Sunday morning and opted to skip church, again, and do school work. I watched the Titans win, oh that sounds good, Titans Win :), and did a PowerPoint while I watched. I'm in the process of finishing my paper and have saved my online exam for tonight. I am praying there are not any technical difficulties. I have the sniffles and it is really getting on my nerves GRRRRR How was your weekend? Happy Monday!!!

Here are my Saturday pics:

Ready to go!!

The beginning - this isn't so bad - look how peaceful

The sign at the beginning of the first hill, uh oh

Heading down and then back up - <GULP>

Almost to the bottom -  how pretty

The river is below - I LOVE WATER - sigh

I thought this was soooo pretty

I'm in awe

Love the woods

Another pic of the water - while it's a tad muddy - water nonetheless :)

Hill number 2 - pant pant

Still panting - sure hope I don't fall

cute little bridge with rocks and water

Walking on the cute little bridge

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  1. I was not there... but am already tired !
    Good job Stacy !