Friday, September 9, 2011


This outfit was shiny. I don't normally like embellished pants but I had to have these at JcPenny. The sparkle reminded me of those blouses from my youth - I think left over from the disco days that had the silver like striped that snapped shut - I could not find an example. I also have good news, you guys only to have endure a few more days of bathroom pictures - I have figured out a way to take my pictures of myself in my living room. I'll just have to remember to incorporate into my morning routine. I am sooo glad it's Friday. Today will be Ross and Sushi lunch with my partner in crime - Kristine. This time I will make sure I have my card with unlike last time. I have noticed that the plaid snap shirts are coming back - I see alot of young women wearing them. I think they are cute but I can also remember wearing them when I around 10 to the skating rink. Ahhhhh memories..... Do any of the new styles bring back memories from your childhood? Please tell me they do so I can dismiss the thought I might be getting old <shuddering> Have a great day!!

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