Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wants

I am getting my hair done on Saturday to finally get the "off blonde" covered up :) I am really into the retro looks but I have naturally curly hair and I am lazy. I do not spend alot of time getting ready in the morning and I do not want to start. I only wear eye makeup and prefer a wash and go hair style. Here a few styles I really like. My hair dresser is the best so I am sure she can find me a happy medium. I also really like my hair stacked in the back with a darker color underneath. I think I will also keep my blonde highlights but wonder if I should take it darker for the fall. The weather is cooler here in Tn so pulling clothes from the Fall/Winter closet is like getting new clothes and THAT is a happy feeling. Do you know of any cute curly retro styles that I have overlooked - with no effort? Have a great day

This looks like alot of work and I really want bangs

I'm leaning towards t his one

I really like this one too

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