Friday, September 16, 2011

Retro Way of Thinking

 I received quite a few compliments today on how cute my hair was today or how much weight that people could tell that I had lost. It really made me feel so good and brightened my day. I try to give women I see compliments freely because I know how it brightens my day and I want to share some of the sunshine.  So I believe that of each us try harder to smile at each other and give compliments freely, perhaps the world might be a nicer place. I know that money is tight for most of us and sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and it seems space has gotten smaller as well. Grocery store aisles seem so narrow now that when shopping we are all on top of each other and I know I am guilty of being crabby and growling and snarling at my fellow inhabitants. BUT...... what IF we tried a little harder to be respectful - you know how I am into the retro - how about the retro way of thinking? Think of in my grandmother's day, we will say the 50's - she describes a time of neighbors knowing each other and  helping one another out and being respective. I never really experienced that but I can say that even from my youth to now, people seem alot more grouchier (myself included). So I think I will make a more conscious effort to put on a smile and be friendly and try to brighten someones day. Will you join me in the Retro Way of Thinking and invite others? Have  a great day and weekend!! BTW I am very happy that it's Friday - loooonnnnnnngggg week :)

My precioussss Prada

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