Monday, September 12, 2011


Friday casual attire - necklace from daughter

Friend Susie - vacation at work :)

See I told you I figured out how to take a pic without  the bathroom mirror

Sat morning before hair cut - sun is shining in the window

After hair cut heading to a wedding
Dress - Ross
Shoes - Ross
I felt HOT
Was a gorgeous weekend but was very busy. I was busy all day Saturday, took my mother for her birthday to get our hair done - her hair turned out gorgeous and I am super pleased with mine. I can't fix mine as well as my hairdresser but it's still cute. Then late Saturday night I went to wedding that was beautifully done. Young love is so inspiring and heart lifting.

Sunday started out pretty good - I went to the Greenway and walked but all the 9/11 shows made me so sad of what happened 10 years ago, senseless loss of lives. Thank God for the all the firefighters and the people of New York for coming together while the rest of us watched in horror and shock. I love my country!! Thank you to all those in America that give their lives and time to make sure we have a good life. I hope you guys have  a great week.

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