Monday, November 28, 2011

Back in the Groove

Happy Monday!!! After four days off from work it is going to be hard to get back in the groove of things. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off. I started cooking immediately when I got home from work on Wednesday until 2 am. My brother, Bradley, and his new girlfriend, Cindy, got to my house around 3 am. Then I was back up around 7:45 am to finish up the cooking. Cindy was a total pleasure to meet, she and I hit it off wonderfully!! Shelley came for dinner (YAHHH) and all the food turned out perfectly!! The menu consisted of turkey (courtesy of Kroger), homemade cornbread dressing, deviled eggs, broccoli and cheese casserole, squash casserole (new recipe YUM), mac and tomato cheese (new recipe ME LIKEY),  sauteed green beans with mushroom and onions (MY FAV) pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, and buttermilk pie. The setting was perfect except my smoke detector went off (no smoke around not sure why) and woke the whole house up :(  and Mr Man slept through the festivities requiring me and my guests to be quiet GRRRR

My grandma popped in for a minute to say hello and then around 4:30 pm my brother Jeff came by with 3 of his children. It was so nice having both my brothers for Thanksgiving. The weather was FAB so I got to walk on the Greenway Friday and Saturday LOVED IT ( I also managed to lose 3 lbs during the holiday) 152!! YAHH 22 away from my goal!!
House is all changed over for Christmas and I love it :) Did you have a great holiday?

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